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    Gulftainer Jobs - 11 Vacancies (with Salaries) Dec 2023

    Financial Research and Investment Analyst
    (7 - 14 yrs.)
    Sharjah - United Arab Emirates
    Keywords: Research Analyst,Financial Analyst,Investment Analyst,Financial Research,Financial Analysis,Investment Analysis
    Role Purpose: Responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating and directing functions relating to: Investment Analysis, Financial Modelling and Feasibility Study - Preparing business plans, financial modelling (Excel), study and prepare project feasibility for new projects, investments, business expansion and valuation. - Supporting the Commercial team in the preparation of business proposals for management and clients. - Calculating and analysing project profitability, ROI, cost of capital, risk evaluation and premium, leverage ratio, and able to apply the right valuation tech. - Preparing pitch book of M&A Transactions and Comparative Analysis. - Support with project funding and financing process, transactions, due diligence, valuations, debt restructuring etc. Market Research, Macro-Economic Events, and Trend Analysis - Conducting market research, monitoring market events and evaluating its impact on business performances, including risk and impact assessments, to identify potential opportunities. - Preparing the pitch book of Financial and Key data of competitors and players in the industry for benchmarking, comparison, analysis and for transaction advisory. - Studying industry dynamics, size, and major players in the regions and major deals in the market such as strategic JVs, collaboration, M&A, new product services, etc. Risk Analysis and Management - Operating Risks; Pricing Risks; Interest Rate Risks; Currency Risks; Credit and Liquidity Risks.

    Operations Support Director
    (15 - 25 yrs.)
    Sharjah - United Arab Emirates
    Keywords: Ports Engineering,Civil Engineering,Operations Support Engineer,Director of Engineering
    Role Purpose: Ensures that the Group’s Port, transport, forwarding and logistics facilities operate safely, efficiently and achieve industry leading productivity targets. Ensure service delivery level expectations whilst enhancing the Company’s reputation for world class port and terminal operations. Responsible for developing group operations support strategy and 5-year road map. Directly manages a team of 5 functional experts at group level, plus indirectly manages a group of approximately 25 functional experts at country/entity level, to maximize value add to company. Provides support and tools for operational excellence and benchmarking – Group wide study and identification as required. Active participation in operational activities surrounding M&A’s and new concession opportunities. Select, implement and monitor an efficient group procurement process and ensuring global compliance with the group procurement process and toll. Assists country teams in creating positive relationship with all port users/clients such as the Shipping Lines, and governmental agencies, thereby establishing solid customer retention base. Assures that all Business Units comply with operational, QHSE, Procurement and Engineering Policy, standards, processes and guidelines Leads regular Operation meetings with all group and Business Unit heads to ensure all aspects of Terminal operations are monitored and operated efficiently Continuously motivates, supports, and harnesses the entire Operations Team towards the goals and objectives of GT as echoed in the operational support strategy and Company’s Vision and Mission Systematically ensures training requirements are met for the entire Port Operations Team regarding the technical and non-technical aspects of their work and identifies and exposes those high potential Operations Team players to special projects with clear succession planning by way of effective training on the job Supports Engineering Management to decide on Equipment procurement at all Group facilities within budget guidelines. Responsible for the Performance Management and development of all team members. Ensure health, safety, and environment programmes are integrated into existing work systems, and security protocols are enforced and observed in all Company’s activities to protect the employees and the public. Complies with all applicable laws and relevant industry standards of practice and commits to the continuous improvement of HSSE management practices. Provides strong visible commitment, leadership and personal involvement in health, safety, security, and the environment and makes available the resources necessary to achieve our HSSE objectives.

    Welder - Container Repair
    (3 - 6 yrs.)
    Dammam - Saudi Arabia
    Keywords: Welding,Welding Fabrication,Fabrication,ARC Welder,TIG,Gas Welding,metal welder,welder,TIG Welder,TIG ARC Welder
    Role Purpose: MAJOR FUNCTIONS Carries out container repairs and conversion as per customer requirements or IICL5. Uses hand welding and flame-cutting equipment to weld together metal components and parts or to cut, trim, or scarf metal objects to dimensions, as specified by layouts, work orders, or blueprints. Welds metal parts or components together, using brazing, gas, or arc welding equipment. Guides electrodes or torch along weld line at specified speed and angle to weld, melt, cut, or trim metal. Reviews layouts, blueprints, diagrams, or work orders in preparation for welding or cutting metal components. Selects and inserts electrode or gas nozzle into holder and connects hoses and cables to obtain gas or specified amperage, voltage, or polarity. Selects and installs torch, torch tip, filler rod, and flux, according to welding chart specifications or type and thickness of metal. Connects and turns regulator valves to activate and adjust gas flow and pressure to obtain desired flame. Ignites torch or starts power supply and strikes arc. Repairs broken or cracked parts, fills holes and increases size of metal parts, using welding equipment. Preheats work piece, using hand torch or heating furnace. Welds in flat, horizontal, vertical or overhead position. Positions work pieces and clamps together or assembles in jigs or fixtures. Chips or grinds off excess weld, slag, or spatter, using hand scraper or power chipper, portable grinder, or arc-cutting equipment. Inspects finished work piece for conformance to specification. Cleans or degreases parts, using wire brush, portable grinder, or chemical bath.

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